2018 Reebok Crossfit Regional Recap

2018 Reebok Crossfit Regional Recap

Cassidy Lance

The 2018 Reebok CrossFit Regionals came to an end this past week, wrapping up three weeks of the fittest athletes on Earth competing for their spot at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games.

East Regionals presented Team Invictus from Boston, MA as the first place winners after an outstanding performance. Honorable mentions in this region include Team CrossFit Queens coming in 6th place after a grueling workout that almost got them a spot at the Games.

South Regionals awarded Salt Lake City CF Black with the 2nd place spot as well as the 3rd place spot being awarded to Salt Lake City CF Gold after both demonstrating impressive performances across the board. Individuals like Brista Mayfield grinded out a 3rd place spot as well as Bethany Shadburne taking 5th as both competitors demonstrated their hunger to secure their place to compete in Madison, WI. Jared Enderton did the same as he took 5th and gets to join the rest of the athletes who secured their spots at the Games.

European Regionals offered Bjorgvin Karl Gyndmundsson (BKG) a 5th place victory as he aggressively demonstrated his grit and strength in the sport. Team RX Performance came in with the 3rd place spot after all the individuals collectively muscled through the events. Honorable mentions in this region include Team Nordic taking 7th place with their feats coming shy of a spot at the Games.

West Regionals was a hit as Torrance Training Lab secured 2nd place featuring Andrew Kong. Honorable mention in this region is our very own Jason Carroll who took 7th but not without blood, sweat, tears and working through an injury that went unnoticed through his efforts and demonstration of grueling strength and tenacity. 

Atlantic Regionals paved a 5th place position for Ethan Helbig after an excellent performance with Adam Kink as our honorable mention taking 7th. Cassidy Lance-Mcwherter showed us all what she was made of and proved she deserves to sit in the 1st place spot. Team Soul also showed us a collaborative thirst for the gold as they were also awarded the 1st place position. TTT Animus deserves our honorable mention taking 6th and just missing their spot in the Games.

Photo Source: Crossfit Games Facebook Page

Team CF SoulEhea ScheuchCassidy LanceEthan HelbigCassidy LanceEthan HelbigEthan HelbigCassidy LanceTrevor JamesCassidy Lance

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