VIRUS has just released their brand new ASCEND SINGLET in men’s and women’s sizes. The ascend singlet, designed and developed by the VIRUS elite weightlifting team, was created to provide the most optimal, comfortable, and innovative singlet to date. The singlet is constructed for competition use in sports ranging from weightlifting, powerlifting, and wrestling.

The new ascend singlet is engineered with multiple fabric weights in key zones, protecting the structure to withstand heavy barbell movements. The 4 -way stretch has been enhanced for optimal range of motion. Added features include laser cut holes for increased airflow and reinforced seams for durability. The ascend singlet is dedicated to all the Elite athletes who inspired the development of this product.

This past weekend at the American Open Series 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada, VIRUS had 6 elite athlete compete in the all-new ASCEND singlet. Megan Seegart (49kg), Jourdan Delacruz (55kg), Jenny Arthur (76kg), Jordan Cantrell (89kg), D’Angelo Osorio (102kg), and Keiser Witte (109+) all had great performances while sporting the ASCEND singlet.

Megan Seegart started off the competition with a 72kg snatch, and 88kg clean and jerk. Jourdan Delacruz put on a show for the crowd with an 87kg snatch and a 110kg junior American record clean and jerk. Going 6 for 6 and winning all-around gold, Jourdan broke the junior American record total with 197kg. Newest Vteam athlete, Jenny Arthur, snatched 106kg and clean and jerked 139kg to easily take home gold. Jordan Cantrell also won gold with a 160kg snatch and 190kg clean and jerk. D’Angelo Osorio snatched 157kg and clean and jerked 196kg. Keiser Witte ended the American Open with a 173kg snatch and a 216kg clean and jerk for a first-place performance.

The ascend singlet is now available.



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