VIRUS is proud to announce the addition of Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson (BKG), 4x Reebok Games Athlete and European standout as the newest sponsored athlete to the fast-rising apparel company.
BKG’s athletic career in CrossFit began with major early success. In the past 4 years, he qualified as an individual and finished the Reebok CrossFit games 4x - with as high as a 3rd place finish in 2015, and 5th place in 2017. Now at 25 years of age and coming off a recent dominate victory at the prestigious Dubai Fitness Championship, BKG looks to continue his solid string of victories in Europe, and all the way to the 2018 CrossFit Games held in Madison Wisconsin.
“This is an exceptional moment for us at VIRUS with the addition of BKG to our athletic team. He has already proven himself and is gaining momentum to be established as a champion in CrossFit for years to come,” stated Russell Stone, President of VIRUS International. “We have always been fans of BKG but really got to see him in action at the 2017 CrossFit Meridian Regionals where he claimed 1st place by a wide margin. Not only was it an impressive victory but he also seemed like an incredible person”. Although Stone didn’t for-see a potential partnership at the time, VIRUS began a rapid growth cycle that made such things possible. As expansion efforts gained momentum, the two parties began a conversation.
“This is a brand that I have seen grow at an enormous rate in recent years and whenever I´ve heard Virus mentioned it has been on the most positive possible note” stated Guðmundsson. "My manager told me of their interest a few months back and I was instantly interested. Once I had tried out some of their stuff there was literally no turning back. The feel and functionality of their products are simply on another level than what some of the other companies out there are doing, and I honestly feel that this will have a positive impact on my progress as an athlete. I am proud, grateful and really excited to have joined forces with such a driven and awesome company, and I´ve got a feeling that we will accomplish great things together. “To have the chance to work with one of the best Crossfit athletes in the world was one we had to take. As VIRUS solidifies its following in the US, the rise in Europe starts with BKG.
BKG certainly seemed to be the right guy at the right time,” proclaimed Stone. “Learning more about him as the process went, we knew there was a good potential match."
As a native of Iceland, BKG has the right training partners, regimen and focus he will need to begin his reign and continued achievements. With the addition of VIRUS, BKG looks to raise his international image by partnering with an aggressive, and growing global brand. He joins a prestigious athletic roster that includes; UFC Bantamweight Champ TJ Dillashaw, US Olympic Lifter, and record holder Morghan King and Games Athlete Cassidy Lance.
More about VIRUS
VIRUS has partnered with many top athletes to help in designing the best clothing for training and competition. Utilizing their professional expertise and feedback, VIRUS is able to tailor their pieces exclusively for specific athletic performance. This developmental process has led to recent fabric and construction breakthroughs that focus on performance, endurance, and recovery.
VIRUS has recently opened their European office in Copenhagen, Denmark.
From this location, VIRUS will manage content creation, events, online order fulfillment and the creation of special clothing lines for the European market. With an aggressive events schedule across.

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