2016 Regional Recap

2016 Regional Recap

This year’s 2016 Regional Events were easily one of most highly anticipated fitness competitions in the world taking place throughout eight regions and three continents. VIRUS was able to expand its boundaries this season and have presence at the California Regional (Del Mar, CA), South Regional (Dallas, TX), Pacific Regional (Wollongong, AU), West Regional (Portland, OR) and the Atlantic Regional (Atlanta, GA).  

A special thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and made this year's regional events such an unforgettable experience for our VTEAM members out on the road.  It was truly an honor to hear all the positive feedback and personal testimonies on how VIRUS has been put to use around the globe.

VTEAM athletes across all regions displayed impressive and inspiring performances from setting event records, defying the odds and qualifying for the Crossfit Games. Break out VTEAM athlete Alea Helmick rose to the occasion and was able to secure a fifth place finish at the Atlantic Regional to secure her spot in Carson, CA for the CrossFit Games alongside her husband Gary Helmick who also qualified this year.

Cassidy Lance VTEAM athlete fought her way back from ninth place after day two and rallied up the weekend finishing with a sixth place finish.  Jamie Hagiya  the “Comeback Kid” put on a show at the California Regional battling her way for a fifth place finish clinching her spot amongst the fittest women on Earth at the 2016 CrossFit Games.

The darkhorse of the California Region Jason Carroll shocked the world and became an instant fan favorite after his inspiring performance nearly qualifying for the CrossFit Games finishing up with a sixth place finish; six points out from the podium behind Garret Fisher.

 VTEAM athlete Kenneth Leverich showed astounding perseverance and heart; battling a lower back and hamstring injury closing out the weekend with a fourteenth place finish.

In the West Regional the spotlight was on none other than Brent Fikowski who dominated the region.  Brent was able to lock in a first place finish in the West Regional finishing 70 points ahead of second place, taking two event wins as well as five top three finishes.

James Newbury a five time regional athlete had his eyes locked onto the podium this year and was able to put up impressive performances throughout the weekend finishing up with a second place finish in the competitive Pacific Region.

Notable California Regional teams who qualified for the Crossfit Games are Crossfit 808 (Honolulu, HI) with a second place finish and Crossfit Davis (Davis, CA) with a fifth place finish securing their podium positions.  In the Atlantic Region Team Soul competed their hearts out and earned a first place finishing thirty four points ahead of second place.

Team Dynamix athletes Christian Harris, David Charbonneau,  Farrouk Houssein, Ian Berger, Amy Dracup, Andrea Ager, Becca Day and Carissa Mueller were the story in the East Regional clinching their spot for the CrossFit Games with a first place finish.

Garret Fisher 2013 CrossFit Games athlete will make his return to Carson, CA for the CrossFit Games.  Fisher was able to showcase his improvements made in the offseason by consistently placing amongst the top in every heat.

Noah Ohlsen arrived to the to the Georgia World Congress Center with all eyes on him. Ranked number one in the world after his 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games Open first place finish, he looked to win the Atlantic Region.  Ohlsen battled Ben Smith (2015 CrossFit Games Champion) throughout the entire weekend for the top spot on the podium.  After a long weekend of grueling events Ohlsen was able to clinch a second place finish on the podium behind only Ben Smith.


Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/CrossFitGames

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