The Fight for Unity

The Fight for Unity



Divisions have threatened to tear our world and communities apart. Inequality and social injustices have hurt us and plagued our societies for far too long.  

Words and actions do matter. Never have we felt that the communities we serve represented anything but passionately pursuing life together – beyond race, beyond borders. 

  • Actions Speak Louder than Words: We will be donating 100% of profits from our upcoming UNITY Tee to organizations leading the way toward racial justice, starting with NAACP and the Equal Justice Initiative. 
  • Educate + Learn: We have set out as a company to educate ourselves about the issues affecting the Black community and learn how to become a better ally. Virus has always been diverse in all cultures and has never looked through the lens of color. We the people are stronger together.

Community is the foundation of VIRUS. On the shores, weight rooms, fields, and boxes – we were inspired by those pursuing their way of life. We dedicated our brand to be a symbol of unification for those communities and our work to passionately serve them.

Recently, the CEO of Crossfit has made some bewildering and hurtful comments. Although we have never been an official sponsor of Crossfit, we are a big part of the community. As part of that community, we would like to say that it has been nothing but inclusive, forward thinking, and tight knit.  We feel the pain from associating the community to this  divisive language.



100% of profits from this t-shirt will be donated to the NAACP Empowerment Programs and Equal Justice Initiative.

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