Virus Performance Partners with Treigning Lab.

Virus Performance Partners with Treigning Lab.


Anaheim, CA- TJ Dillashaw announced today that he has partnered with Virus Performance, the sports performance clothing leaders in a sponsorship of The Treigning Lab; TJ’s all new, invite-only fight team including current professional MMA fighters Cub Swanson, Jake Ellenberger, Aaron Pico and Juan Archuleta and top coaches Duane “Bang” Ludwig, Mark Munoz, and Philipe Della Monica.

The Treigning Lab is a partnership between TJ and his long time MMA conditioning trainer, Sam Calavitta. Together, they’ve honed a system utilizing innovation and technology to monitor and improve peak performance. Rounding out this robust program are unique exercises specifically designed for the rigorous battles in the cage.

“Our paths aligned naturally as Virus is a leader in sports clothing innovation and we are paving a new path of MMA training. We’re happy to have a partner who understands what we are trying to do and wants to grow with us” said Dillashaw.

Eugene Yasutomi, VP Global of Marketing for Virus commented “We are fully supportive of TJ, Cub, Jake, and the other fighters on the Treigning Lab team and are anxious to create innovative MMA apparel for them. - we sincerely believe this combination will contribute to a successful and impactful partnership in the MMA community for fans and practitioners!”

This sponsorship comes at a perfect time for TJ as he is getting ready to enter training camp in a few weeks for his August rematch against Cody Garbrandt in nearby Los Angeles.

Dillashaw is currently training with VIRUS’ CoolJade compression collection during his heated training sessions, designed and developed to reduce skin surface temperatures for use in high temperatures. He also utilizes the Energy Series infused with Bioceramic during recovery, designed to help athletes perform longer and recover quicker. These products are exclusively created to fit each individual athlete for intense training programs.






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