2017 Miami Wodaplooza

2017 Miami Wodaplooza

Wodapalooza is one of the most esteemed CrossFit events that takes place annually in Miami, Florida where CrossFit enthusiasts travel from around the globe to attend. The energy at this year's 2017 Wodapalooza was incredible which derived from the passionate athletes leaving it all on the competition floor event after event. Virus Performance had the pleasure of unveiling our latest 2017 Spring Collection under the bright lights of Miami, Florida.  As always Virus Performance took great pleasure interacting and building community with all the athletes and customers who visited the booth. The response of the Men's and Women's Spring Collection was phenomenal; athletes represented the brand so strongly and truly displayed their passion for the sport of fitness throughout the weekend. Some notable athletes/gyms that represented Virus Performance during the three day's of competition were Jordan Cook, Chandler Smith, Travis Williams, Cassidy Lance, Alexis Johnson, Christian Harris, Emmy Simpkins, Nicole Capurso and Jenny & The Block 2.0, Team Misfit Athletics, Team Prodigy and Team Soul. A special thank you to all those who stopped by and made this 2017 Wodapalooza such a memorable experience for Team Virus Performance.

Photos: Dan Wiseman



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