Danny Ching Partners With Virus Performance

Danny Ching Partners With Virus Performance

Huntington Beach, CA – 2/7/17— Danny Ching, regarded as the top multidiscipline paddler in both SUP and Outrigger, has joined VIRUS as a sponsored athlete and ambassador. As a well decorated paddle athlete, Danny brings a background on how to prepare to win and what benefits top competitors in their technical apparel for training and paddling.  VIRUS and Danny teamed up during training prior to the 2017 race season. During that time Danny began testing VIRUS technical apparel while training and racing. From that experience, VIRUS began the process with Danny Ching of developing cobranded technical apparel for the paddle and fitness market. The goal is to release products throughout the 2017 race season.

“We are beyond excited and inspired by Danny wanting to join up with us” –  stated Russell Stone, president of VIRUS. “With our passion in individual athletic pursuits, Danny is the finest example of what we are all about plus we are all fans of the sport and of him personally”. – Stone gleams. “Danny’s insight into what paddlers and top athletes need will and has already driven our product design and innovation.”. “We have fully committed to designing a signature series  DANNY CHING + VIRUS pieces based on his product design ideas”.  Other plans include attending and supporting paddle events throughout the world - helping popularize the sport and supporting Danny along his path to another successful season.


VIRUS has been in development with top athletes of all disciplines to improve and tailor their offering specifically for performance. This development process has led to recent fabric and construction breakthroughs that focus on performance, endurance and recovery. VIRUS can be found on the web at www.virusintl.com




Founded in 2010, VIRUS uses the most advanced fabric technology to create athletic apparel that elevates athletic ability to the highest potential. Using the earth’s natural resources, VIRUS created fabrics that provide ultimate cooling, warming, and recovery benefits. Paired with an innovative anatomical design, compression technology, and revolutionary comfort and feel, one can have the confidence of knowing that they are wearing the best athletic apparel to support their passion.

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