Open workout 21.1 - Strategy

Open workout 21.1 - Strategy


Hey Virus community!

I want to get over some tips and tricks for the open workout 21.1.

First off, the warm up. Make sure you take the time to attack the main components of warming the body up. This involves getting the blood flowing on a low joint focused activity (biking) for 3-5:00. From there do some specific movement prep, some workout specific activation work, and finally some CNS priming. Once this is finished you will be ready to attack the workout specific preparatory movement.

When you are getting ready to tackle this workout, have a good strategy. I believe the best strategy is one that optimizes your strengths. So, if you have great shoulder strength and muscular endurance then you can think about pushing this workout a bit more. If you do not, then look to have a solid plan around "pacing" the wall walks and breaking up the double unders. With the wall walks, think about pressing into the ground and keeping your arms shoulder width apart to create a strong structure and exert less energy. With the double unders think about staying relaxed and flicking your wrists. 

As always, have fun with this workout and rip into it!

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