Open workout 21.3 + 21.4 - Strategy

Open workout 21.3 + 21.4 - Strategy

Hey Virus community!

I wanted to get over a few things for this open workout.
Warm up:
Look to keep the warm up within the same format we have had for the past two workouts.  First start on the bike for three to five minutes. From there get into movement prep focusing on the ankles, knees, hips, upper back and shoulder joints.  Once this is finished work on some activation work and then some neurological primer movements.
Movement specific prep:
Start by warming up the movements.  I would do some scap pull ups followed by some low pull butterfly pull ups and toes to the bar.  I would then transfer into some press to mimic the dip out of the bar muscle up.  After this I would start warming up the front squat and the thruster progressing from an empty barbell to the working weight of 95/65.
Workout Prep:
Now it's time to start prepping the workout.  For this part I would sequence the movements as listed, however keep the volume extremely low.  This part is only there to feel out the movements and the sequential feel of the triplets.  Following this, move the barbell to feel that opener weight 1-2 lifts max.  Now, you are ready to go!
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