Setting the record straight

Setting the record straight

Over 10 years ago - the VIRUS brand was created to reflect a commitment to an active, thriving and adventurous lifestyle. Passionate. Irreverent. Seeking something bold and new.

From the beginning, we set out to create athletic apparel that performed as well as it looked. Our first move was to partner with top athletes in guiding the creation of our products. Apparel necessary for competition, in training and on their journeys.

The hope was that if these hard charging athletes would benefit from our products, appreciate the aesthetic and embrace the brand- others could connect in the same way.

The formula worked. Not without imperfection. Not without setbacks. But we kept at it. Evolved our products. Cared for our growing customer base. Showed up on the shores, at the gyms, boxes and events – year after year.

As a result, our athletes and customers became believers of the brand. We put in the work and momentum grew. It is an incredible and humbling experience to serve and be a part of this community. We are forever grateful.

A bit on COVID-19 Of course, we understand the fear and suffering this outbreak has caused. That's not what we are about. VIRUS supports a community of people dedicated to a healthy and robust lifestyle. We don’t want to appear to be insensitive to all of this, but we have to be who we are. And who we are is a team of people supporting communities that are LEGIT AS FUCK! (legit meaning: real and extraordinary – please excuse)

We understand that the brand is not for everyone. That was never the intention. But to whom it’s for, WE SALUTE YOU!

Your VIRUS is the Passion that defines You and Us!

World Tour Updates Check out our blog to keep updated or if you read up on the tour.

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