ASENSEI Racer ¾ Tech Pants

Men’s Bioceramic™ 3/4Compression Pants

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Color: Black/Gold
Size: S
Men's Bottoms Sizing Chart
XS 26-28" 66-71.1 CM
S 28-30" 71.1-76.2 CM
M 30-32" 76.2-81.3 CM
L 32-34" 81.3-86.4 CM
XL 34-36" 86.4-91.4 CM
2XL 3638" 91.4-96.5 CM
3XL 38-40" 96.5-101.6 CM
BioPolyform Fabric

Virus® BioPolyform fabric was engineered for durability and premium comfort. This Bioceramic™ infused fabric moves moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and confident under any condition.


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Technology Driven™ Fabrics

Dedicated to the details & fabrication

Made for

Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Functional Fitness, Fitness Racing

Racer ¾ Tech Pants

These compression tights wrap your legs for extra support and lock in so you can get the most out of every jump, squat, and lunge. Bioceramic fabric increases circulation to keep you in the gym with nothing holding you back. A side pocket stores your personal items close by.

Why we made this

The pant is made from BioPolyform fabric, a durable and stretchy material that provides compression to support muscles during exercise. Additionally, the pant is infused with Bioceramic fabric, which has moisture-wicking properties to help draw sweat away from the skin and evaporate it quickly. This helps to regulate body temperature and prevent discomfort from wet clothing.

Bioceramic™ Fabric

Rejuvenates cellular flow by increasing body temperature and circulation.


Quick-dry fabric is designed to rapidly wick away moisture and dry quickly.

Temperature Regulation

Designed to help maintain a comfortable body temperature.

4-Way Stretch

Stretch in four directions, providing greater flexibility and comfort.

UV Shield

Block harmful ultraviolet UV radiation from the sun, reducing skin damage.

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