Elevate V2 Singlet

Bioceramic™ Singlet

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Color: Charcoal/Black
Size: XS
Women's Singlet Sizing Chart
XS 24-27" 95-120 LBS 60.9-68.6 CM 43-54.4 KG
S 27-30" 120-140 LBS 68.6-76.2 CM 54.4-63.5 KG
M 30-33" 140-160 LBS 76.2-83.8 CM 63.5-72.5 KG
L 33-36" 160-180 LBS 83.8-91.4 CM 72.5-81.6 KG
XL 36-39" 180-200 LBS 91.4-99.1 CM 81.6-90.7 KG
2XL 40-43" 200-220 LBS 101.6-109.2 CM 90.7-99.7 KG
BioPolyform Fabric

Virus® BioPolyform fabric was engineered for durability and premium comfort. This Bioceramic™ infused fabric moves moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and confident under any condition.


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Technology Driven™ Fabrics

Dedicated to the details & fabrication

Made for

Powerlifting, Weightlifting

Elevate V2 Singlet

Designed with reinforced panels in areas that contact barbells for long-lasting durability. It features heavy-duty flatlock stitching that matches your toughness on the platform.

Why we made this

Designed for the competitive journey. Virus gear is battle-tested at the highest levels of competition so you can count on it to hold up to the most rigorous conditions.

Bioceramic™ Fabric

Rejuvenates cellular flow by increasing body temperature and circulation.


Quick-dry fabric is designed to rapidly wick away moisture and dry quickly.

Temperature Regulation

Designed to help maintain a comfortable body temperature.

4-Way Stretch

Stretch in four directions, providing greater flexibility and comfort.

UV Shield

Block harmful ultraviolet UV radiation from the sun, reducing skin damage.

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