KL1.5 Joggers

Men’s Bioceramic™ Midweight Joggers

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Color: Maroon/Black
Size: XS
Men's Bottoms Sizing Chart
XS 26-28" 66-71.1 CM
S 28-30" 71.1-76.2 CM
M 30-32" 76.2-81.3 CM
L 32-34" 81.3-86.4 CM
XL 34-36" 86.4-91.4 CM
2XL 3638" 91.4-96.5 CM
3XL 38-40" 96.5-101.6 CM
BioFlex Fabric

Virus® BioFlex is infused with Bioceramic™ and built extra durable to withstand the most rigorous conditions. The soft, stretchy build delivers versatility and comfort whether you’re at the gym, exploring the outdoors, or beyond.


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Technology Driven™ Fabrics

Dedicated to the details & fabrication

Made for

Casual, Running, Functional Fitness, Lifestyle, Adventure

KL1.5 Joggers

The KL1.5 is the ultimate athletic jogger for those who demand both style and functionality. Our original classic collection jogger features an athletic fit that conforms to your body, providing maximum comfort and flexibility. The KL1.5 also boasts zipper pockets, which provide secure storage for your essentials, keeping you hands-free and on-the-go. With reflective accents for added safety during low-light conditions and 8 years of athlete testing, the KL1.5 is the perfect blend of fashion and performance.

Why we made this

KL1.5, the updated version of our original KL1 and very first ever jogger. The KL1 made its debut in early 2016, and is named after Kenneth Leverich, a Southern Californian local and our very first sponsored functional fitness athlete. Leverich, who was also a local gym owner and a 3X Games athlete, inspired us to create a jogger that would meet the needs of all athletes in training. The KL1.5 boasts recovery properties, an athletic slim fit for optimal performance, and convenient features such as zippers at the ankles for easy shoe access and zipper pockets to securely hold personal items in training.

Bioceramic™ Fabric

Rejuvenates cellular flow by increasing body temperature and circulation.

4-Way Stretch

Stretch in four directions, providing greater flexibility and comfort.


Quick-dry fabric is designed to rapidly wick away moisture and dry quickly.

UV Shield

Block harmful ultraviolet UV radiation from the sun, reducing skin damage.

Temperature Regulation

Designed to help maintain a comfortable body temperature.

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