Hey Virus community, here are our notes for 21.2


First is the warm up.  Get the body warm by riding a bike or doing a light jog for three to five minutes.  From there take a joint by joint approach to prime your joints {ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, upper back}.  After that, get into glute and shoulder activation work {as outlined in the video}.  From this spot I like to do a central nervous system primer {which I left out of the video}.  A good CNS primer for a workout like this would be 5 seal jacks followed by 1-2 broad jumps for 3 rounds.
After the cNS primer you should feel ready to do the movements of the workout.  So, start moving light DB's and doing push ups with a step and jump to begin to mimic the demand of 21.2. From there you can start moving the weight of the dumbbell you will use in the workout for four reps, followed by four burpee box jump overs and then back to the dumbbell for a few more power snatches.
After this, get some deep breaths, visualize the workout and rip into it!  
Remember to play to your strengths and have a constant internal dialogue around your fatigue factors in order to manipulate the movements in ways that allow you to optimally execute and perform.

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