Women's History Month

Women's History Month


Celebrate Women’s History Month with Virus

Virus is honoring Women’s History Month by teaming up with the Terere Kids Project, a non-profit organization headquartered in Rio de Janeiro that helps support young girls from low-income families pursue their Brazilian jiu-jitsu passion. 

For the month of March, Virus has curated a special buy-one-give-one collection inspired by the Terere Kids Project. For every one purchase of an item from our special collection, Virus will donate one item to the Terere Kids Project. 

Our program begins on March 8th, International Women’s Day, and runs through the rest of March.

Virus is teaming up with the Terere Kids Project to provide performance wear for young girls 

Founded by Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend Fernando “Terere” Augusto in 2000, the Terere Kids Project is a non-profit organization in Brazil that provides free classes and financial support for low-income families in at-risk areas. 

In addition to offering free jiu-jitsu classes, the Terere Kids Project also provides a snack program for its young athletes, as well as an English language program for low-income middle school students.

The goal of the Terere Kids Project is to create opportunities and give children from at-risk areas access to resources to pursue their passions and fulfill their potential through jiu-jitsu.

Support the next generation of Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes, on and off the mats

We need your help. 

Our items will be sent directly to the Terere Kids Project and delivered to young athletes. Each donation will ensure that a young girl has the gear she needs to train jiu-jitsu as she goes on her way to fulfilling her potential on and off the mats. 


Virus will make a donation with every purchase from our curated collection

You can make a difference in a young girl’s future with every purchase. Check out our collection today. 

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